First Experiences on iOS 6 with Transit Apps

Last nght, I upgraded my phone to iOS 6.  And so far, it has been a fine experience.  But first, I borrowed a friend's iPad and installed a couple free apps that provide public transportation information and integrate with iOS 6 Maps.  I'm happy to report that, although it is not as smooth as it was on the old Google-based Maps, these free transit apps do provide a good replacement for the old public transportation data and functionality.

34 Hours Later: iOS Users Are Frustrated With maps

Yesterday morning, Apple unleased it's latest major version of the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch operating system, iOS 6.  As usual, many persons gleefully waited by their computers or phones while the update was downloaded and installed.  Of course, it was exciting.  According to some reports, as much as 15% of iOS users upgraded in the first day.  But with that improved user base, more things have come to light.  And it turns out that my earlier blog post

Do You Use Maps on your iPhone? Read This Before Upgrading to iOS 6

Tomorrow, September 19th, Apple releases iOS 6, the latest in their series of software for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.  There are many new and improved features to make your life easier.  But if you use the "Maps" app as it currently works, you may not want this update immediately.  I definitely suggest excersizing caution before updating to iOS 6 if Masp are important to your everyday life.


With the release of Apple's iOS 6 on September 19th, 2012, the state of public transportation data is at a crossroads.  The worldwide use of Google Maps for public transportation and other location-related data is no longer included in iOS. No immediate replacement is given by Apple, but it also promises to open the market up to a large competition of apps.  But how do we know what apps are good?  What is the best app?  Is your area covered?  We aim to try to answer these qustions.

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